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Welcome to my website!

My adventure began at 4 January 2006; 8 months to the big USA for improving my English, meeting new people from all over the world, and gaining some life experience. I started in Boston where I stayed about 5.5 months. June 17th I moved to Santa Barbara (California) to continue my study for 2.5 months more. My adventure will be over at the end of August. Then the 'real' life will start...

Below you can read about my newest adventures. You can find older blogs by clicking on 'weblog' in the menu or by using the calender or archive links on the right.

Last blog, new website coming!
After 2.5 years .. maybe it's time for an update :). But this time I won't tell you anything about my life. Because this site is not about my current life. It's about my life in Boston and Santa Barbara. And it's more than 3 years since I came back from there.

But it's still a big part of my life. I still have friendships all around the world. I still miss the people whom I haven't seen for years. But also I visit these friends so now and then, and they visit me.

Many people visiting this site because they are interested in traveling or studying in the USA too. I hope I can inspire these people to DO IT! Go! If you are open minded, are willing to adjust, are willing to discover, then go abroad! Not just for a vacation. That's a whole different thing than staying in a country for a longer period. Meeting the people, do what they do, see what they see.

If you have questions about my experience please feel free to ask. If you just want to read about my adventures, my life in Boston and Santa Barbara with EF, then click on the archive folders on the right and you will find all my adventures.

I'm working on a new website (v5.0) now. A website about my current life. So this will be my last blog on this current website ...

See you on my new website!

René Wolf
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