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Goodbye Boston!

Goodbye Boston!

Last Saturday was the day to say goodbye to Boston, and welcome to Santa Barbara. Saying goodbye was hard, especially leaving my hostfamily, my room, the pooltable, the hottub, and of course all my housemates and friends. At 12.30pm we left to the airport, since I had to be there 2 hours in advance. After handing over my (toooo heavy) suitcases there was 1 hour left to hang out and cry together. Mariko, Luisa, Seher, Guillome, Teddy, Vicky and Micka all came to the airport with me. It was strange, very strange to leave all the people I met and became very good friends. Strange to leave all behind and go all alone to a new place. A new place where I don't know anybody, and where I have to start all over again and start a new life.

Flight 145 LAX

Around 3.45pm the airplane left Boston. My seat was located at the window, so I had a beautiful view over USA. The chair next to me was empty so enough space for me. The flight took about 6 hours, but it felt like 2 hours. At 6.15pm (local time Los Angeles) we landed in LA. (Time difference with NL: -9 hours). After picking up my suitcases I tried to find somebody from EF .. but .. nobody. Finally, after 1,5 hours, somebody showed up .. but .. we had to wait a little bit more because more EF-students were arriving. A little bit became a loooong time, so after 11pm we finally left the airport and headed to Santa Barbara in a van. But, of course, it wasn't a private van, so more passengers were picked up and they had of course different destinations. The trip to SB that normally takes 1,5 hours, took 3 hours. The route to SB was probably very nice, but since it was dark we couldn't see a lot.

Hostfamily Santa Barbara

At about 2am I arrived at my new hostfamily. The house was happily NOT pink! WHIEHOE! After ringing the doorbell 3x, the door was opened by two Swedish blondes (unfortunately too young! :P). The girls pointed me to my room where my roommate was sleeping. In the dark I tried to find my necessaries in my suitcases and finally I could go to sleeeeep!
The next morning I met my roommate and after that my hostfamily: Rafael and Carmen del Campo. My first impression was positive: very friendly! My roommate (Dominique) is from Germany and is 17 years old. The two girls from Sweden are also around 17. There is also an Italian girl (Carolina), nextdoor, and she is 21 years old. So, the average age is a little bit below mines...

Santa Barbara

Sunday, me and Dominique went outside for a small tour through SB. It was nice! Real California! Palmtrees, mountains, beach, and a very nice main street (State Street) with lots of shops, restaurants, bars, and so on. It's a very long street so you can find everything you want! State Street ends at the beach. The beach is actually not that beautiful. The sand and water are a little bit dirty, the beach is not crowded, and .. where are the waves??? There is coast on the south and west, but the west-coast is harder to reach, so till now I never been there. I assume that the beach there is much better!
The weather is different than I expected. In the morning it's clouded and not very warm. After noon the sun brakes through, and it gets warmer. But still not warmer than 74 degrees (24 deg.celsius). After 6pm it starts cooling down fast. I heard that it will get warmer, much warmer soon! So I think I should enjoy this 'cool' weather before it starts getting HOT!


Oh, yeah, as you might have noticed, I will continue in English from now on. After 5,5 months, two months Writing-class (thanks Rena and Sarah) in Boston I should be able to write in English. This way my new friends from Boston can also understand my writing.

I miss you Yasu, Micka, Seher, Luisa, Paola, Vicky, Teddy (x2), Sammy, Andrea, Sebastian, Swantje, Dennis, Mariko, Omer, Min, Rachel, Ann, Nancy, Jee-Young, Hannah, Guillome, Gustavo, Maribel, and .. my classmates, teachers .. and .. well .. so many more people I didn't mentioned here!!
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