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The end is coming...
The end is coming .. after more than 7 months in the USA. Wow, it's so strange when I think back at all the things I did in the USA. All my memories, there are so many! All the people I met, I still miss them. All different host families I have lived with. The bad ones, the good ones, and the very good ones! Every experience was a good one, even the bad ones. Many times people ask me which place is better: Boston or Santa Barbara. But every time I tell them the same: It is different! You can't compare those two places. In Boston I was a long time, I met a lot of people, saw many different host families, and got really attached to this place. Especially with Vicky, my last host mother in Boston, I had the time of my life. All the people in this house were like a second family!
Santa Barbara is a whole new experience, a different world. Different people, different weather and different things to do. I saw many things: Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas. I also did more things on my own, which was also good. Here I have a bicycle which I use to see more of Santa Barbara and the surroundings. It's very cool and I see many things I normally wouldn't see.

Before I went to the USA I thought I would have difficult moments, moments I would want to go home. But there was never such a moment. I enjoyed every minute over here, but now the end is coming I also look forward to go home and meet all my old friends and family. My sister and husband (and soon a extra family member!!), and .. wow .. so many things happened back home while i was here. When I come back home there will be a new life waiting for me. A new job and maybe a place on my own... And earn a lot of money so I can visit my new friends one day, and see more of this world.

I will see my parents before I go home! They will come next week, August 19th, and will stay until August 29th. We will visit the Channel Islands (located just off the coast of Santa Barbara), drive the Highway 1 to San Francisco and visit this city of course. After we will drive to Yosemite, a very famous national park. Then we will drive south to the Grand Canyon. During our trip we will stay at camping's. Again a new experience: Camping in the USA. August 29th I will take the airplane back from LA at 17.55. About three hours later my parents will take another airplane. Actually I preferred going 2 days later than my parents, but this wasn't possible because all the flights were already full. But at least I fly home alone. I can end my journey like I started it: alone!

But first I will enjoy my last weeks in California! My last weeks in the USA!
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