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Back in the Netherlands
After 8 months in USA I'm back home in Holland. Wow, it's weird. It's over. It's ... Dutch! Where is the Dunkin' Donuts? But actually I got used pretty fast to my house, room, family and friends. Almost too fast! But there are still so many memories. I miss all the people, the supermarket, my host family and all those small 'unimportant' things. But it was also great to see all my friends again!

Trip with parents

My last 10 days in California I spend with my parents as I told in my last blog. It was almost normal to see them again, even after almost 8 months. Together we had a very nice trip. Of course I first showed them Santa Barbara. Then we went to the Channel Islands and visited Santa Cruz Island. On this island is nothing. I mean nothing as in no supermarket, no showers, no food and no lights. Everything you need you have to bring with you. We did some nice trips by foot and saw some special animals. It was very nice! After this experience we continued to our next destination: San Francisco. To get there we drove on the very interesting Route 1, a road along the coast with amazing views. It was a great route with many things to see. We stayed at an amazing camping between two mountains and at the coast. The next day we continued our trip to and on the Big Sur, a region of California. (Google Big Sur and see what we saw!). After sleeping on a camping at the coast just 15 miles South of San Francisco we went into the city. I had an appointment with one of my teachers (Sarah) from Boston who was there to visit her sister who lived there. It was a great meeting! Las Vegas was our next goal! After driving almost all day we arrived late in Las Vegas. It was my second time, but it was still amazing .. all those buildings, lights casino's and people spending money in it. The next day we drove on to the Grand Canyon; really amazing!! It's soooo huge and totally different from what I expected. On our way back to Las Vegas we ate in a typical Steakhouse on Route 66. Billiards, jukebox, cowboys, Harley Davidson’s, and real stakes and burgers! Great! After another night in Las Vegas we drove back to Santa Barbara to pack all our stuff and to get ready for the plane back home...

Back home to/in Holland

After a not too long trip (only 9,5 hours) I arrived back in Holland where many friends were waiting for me with flags and even a reintegration-box! This was a big surprise, but .. the biggest surprise was Saturday. My parents and sister and husband had organized a surprise-party for me. WOOOW!! Really cool!

But now I have to start with real life: find a job; find a place to live for myself. Make money until I have enough to travel again ..

I will never forget these 8 months and all the people I met! I will miss you all!!
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