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Life in Holland!
I'm back in Holland almost one month already and trying to start up a new life: finding a job; finding a new place to live. My room is still a big mess, all the stuff I took from the USA are still not sorted out. There are some license plates leaning against my wall, my Boston-baseball hat, Daytona Beach frisbee, the board broken by the Korean taekwondo team during international day, some t-shirts I bought, a picture of a very good friend (Did you miss me?), my suitcase, and lots and lots of papers, letters and notes I collected during my time in Boston and Santa Barbara. The flag and a map of the USA are attached to a shelf underneath my window. Everything has its own story, its own memory. My room is too small to display this all.

I miss my exciting daily life in America. Every day there was something going on, there were new people to meet, new things to do, new things to explore. Back in Holland there is nothing new, not yet. However I'm glad some of my friends have moved to other houses so I can see some new places. Now I hope for a good job with my own car so I can visit them all regularly!!

Last week I had my first job interview. Everything went okay, and they wanted to see me again. I also had to do a test, which was actually quite difficult. After the second interview (yesterday) I started doubting about this job. Is this really what I want? Is this the kind of company I want to work? These doubts made me decide not to do it. I'm lucky, there are many companies looking for employers so I can choose and don't have to take the first job offer I get.

So the search for a job continues ... anybody suggestions?
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