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Time for an update!
Yes, I know. Time for an update. Lot's of things happened over here. Where should I start?

Since October 23rd I started my new job! I found a nice company in Veenendaal, in the east of the province Utrecht. Or actually they found me. I work 4 days a week, not because I'm lazy but because I have my own company to run too! I will do this one day per week, on Fridays.
The company develops hotel software for customers all over the world but especially in the USA. One of my tasks there will be the development of their new website. I'm also working on their new online booking-engine. Exactly the job I was looking for!
The only problem is getting there, in Veenendaal. It takes me a long time to travel. When all trains do what they are supposed to do it takes me about 1h20 (one way). But when there are problems with the trains (almost everyday) it can take much longer.

Visitor from Belgium
October 13-15, Micka from Belgium visited me! I met him in Boston where we stayed in the same hostfamily (my second one). We had a great time. I showed him Utrecht and a little bit of Amsterdam. It was weird to talk English in the beginning, but .. I think we got used both very fast. It was really good to see a good friend from the USA again. Soon I will visit him!

Finding my own apartment
It's hard to find something. Especially because I want to live in the center of the city Utrecht. Since you have to sign up to get on a 'waiting list' and this waiting list is about 8 years now for Utrecht. I signed up 5 years ago, so I guess I must have luck, or just find another place to live.

Well, there is much more to tell actually. But now it's time to upload some new pictures. Pfff, I haven't even uploaded 25% of all my pictures. But I'll continue uploading.......
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