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I'm René Wolf, 26 years old and a proud owner of an Bachelor Degree (Digital Communication) since October 2005.
Since January 2004 I'm running an own company (CLIQworx) specialized in developing websites.

At 4 January 2006 I started studying English at EF, an international language school. They have schools all over the world, I choose for USA. I started in Boston until the 17th of June and continued in Santa Barbara where I will stay until the end of August. During this time I saw, and will see, a lot of USA. Boston, Provincetown, New York, Washington D.C., Philadelphia, Daytona Beach, Kitty Hawk, Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, San Francisco and more places were visited by this little boy from Holland.

What else can I tell about myself? I like listening and making music, playing pool, snowboarding, playing games, and .. travelling! I'm single: for a date please contact me! :P

If you have questions, please mail me or call me with Skype (use link below).

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